Abel Wellpappe : Kombiform


Expandable and optimised

Guarantees the safety of your goods during transport as a variable single-material packaging concept with different material thicknesses, sturdy corner bonding and buffers. The construction can be expanded with a perfectly fitting MULTIFORMelement for more complex product shapes. This results in virtually unlimited options for application. The combination of different shapes, materials and flute types is the ideal protection for your product – and for the environment, thanks to the single-material concept.

ABEL COMBIFORM is suitable for small, large and heavy products. It is our all-round solution for precise product packaging. It offers your goods best-possible protection, from simple buffers and fastening components in a shipping box to complex load carriers for transporting overseas – you'll get the right combination with ABEL! Gluing the individual components together enables even unconventional products to be safely packed.

ABEL COMBIFORM – the ecological single-material packaging - easy to handle, lightweight and diverse in application.

- no costs for punching or for tools
- low packaging weight
- can be recycled without material
- individual solutions
- pressure- and shock-absorbent
- fastens and protects

ABEL COMBIFORM packaging comprises precisely cut individual pads which are glued together for the maximum protection and optimal fixation of your products.