Abel Wellpappe : Logistik

Intelligent and diverse

ABEL LOGISTICS stands for environmental protection on the one hand and innovation on the other. We have developed a system of pallet feet combining advantages (low own weight and recyclability through a single-material packaging concept) and individual requirements concerning stability and carrying capacities. Our corrugated cardboard push-in modules and self-adhesive pallet feet for corrugated cardboard containers are available in a maximum length of 2,600 mm.

We also offer special pallet feet, with or without a cover, as a variant which is accessible from the bottom on all four sides. ABEL LOGISTICS facts are convincing: low own weight, easy to handle, low storage volume accompanied by a high carrying capacity depending on the type of flutes and the use of the material. Subsequent recycling is no longer a problem thanks to the single-material concept of the components. You will find the breaking load data of the pallet feet, which have been tested by the BFSV packaging institute in Hamburg, here.

Our corrugated cardboard feet are suitable for transporting goods by land, sea and air, and they are also available as a special edition in colour for displays. Transporting products with a view to the ecological future. ABEL LOGISTICS – the diverse transport solution.

- low tare weight
- low storage volume
  (only 20% compared to customary
   wooden pallets)
- easy to stack
- maximum width of 2,600 mm
- you will find breaking load data