Abel Wellpappe : Multiform


Cost-efficient and individual

ABEL MULTIFORM is a cost-efficient, ecological method for reliably packing your product. The material is precisely cut to fit the goods direct, without the bother of folding, gluing or adjusting it. No special production tools are needed to manufacturer these shaped parts, putting us in a position to offer tailor-made solutions, even for small batches. Individual requirements, such as a high bearing capacity or shock-absorbing properties can be taken into account with horizontal or upright flutes, depending on the production.

Technically sensitive, high-quality goods in particular require precisely produced secondary packaging in order to avoid damage during transport. ABEL MULTIFORM is a precise, individual packaging made of fully recycled material and recyclable material.

ABEL MULTIFORM – precise protection for your product and the environment, since no other oil-based materials need to be used, and packaging can easily be returned to the recovered substance cycle. Production-related modifications to your product can be quickly optimised and reworked.

- no costs for punching or for tools
- almost any shape available
- saves time when packing goods,
   other materials no longer necessary
- precise protection
   even for complicated products,
   right down to the last millimetre
- also ideal for small batches
- in formats of 1,300 x 2,600 mm
   material thickness of
   10 to 140 mm