Abel Wellpappe : Multi-liner


Efficiency through environmental protection and time-saving.

For the easy, ecological lining of filigree ceilings. Fold according to dimensions or bend into shape, fasten to the boarding, with hot glue, and that's it! The flexibility of the material makes it easy to shape curves. Water-resistant, wet-strength coating guarantees clean concrete surfaces and edges after stripping.

ABEL MULTI-LINER – environmentally friendly help with encasing filigree ceilings or for recesses in concrete surfaces. Corrugated cardboard is a material that is especially easy to dispose of.

ABEL MULTI-LINER can be ordered with two types of corrugation: "Vertical fluting" is suitable for straight and curved recesses, and for openings in ceilings and walls. Easy to bend by hand and suitable for individual applications of any dimension. Also available as sheeting and cubed, especially for openings.

"Horizontal fluting" is ideal for straight formwork. Pressing the reinforcement firmly into corrugated board with horizontal fluting means that reinforced executions are no problem. A horizontal flute makes the cardboard easy to glue straight, even along great lengths. But it can't be bent into shape!

ABEL MULTI-LINER – new efficiency in lining.


- Single material concept
 of corrugated cardboard
- Easy disposal
- Easy to handle
- Individual formats on request