Abel Wellpappe : Packaging sheets


Space-saving storage, space-filling packaging

Virtually any packaging requirement can be met with the PACKAGING SHEETS. When goods of various dimensions need to be rationally packed in a shipping box, the perforated sheets will prove to be real masters of change. With an open flute, or as a length of padding with or without a groove -individual perforation ensures flexibility for you when handling the sheets. Used only as a space filler, as a buffer or as a flexibly modelled corner pad - ABEL UNIVERSAL offers you all the options for being able to respond flexibly to requirements.

Thanks to the flexible options for processing the sheets, the pads and corners can be made from a single segment, thus providing your products with all-round protection. ABEL PACKAGING SHEETS – the universal solution for ever-changing packaging requirements.

- self-adhesive
- different widths
- with and without perforation
- with and without grooves
- also available with an open flute
- maximum dimensions:
   1,300-2,600 mm
- height: 10-120 mm