Abel Wellpappe : Packprofie


Sturdy space miracles

When different products of different sizes need to be packed and secured, SHAPED PACKAGING ELEMENTS from the ABEL UNIVERSAL line are just the right solution. L-shaped or U-shaped, on the one hand they serve to protect edges and on the other hand to efficiently secure goods in their secondary packaging. They are perforated according to your specifications in order to make them as flexible as possible when you use them. You can determine their length individually and precisely. Depending on their flute shape and quality, our shaped packaging elements meet a wide variety of requirements. Perforated SHAPED PACKAGING ELEMENTS are available in lengths of up to 1,300 mm, those that are not perforated in lengths up to 2,600 mm, with freely selectable edge lengths, with the material thickness ranging from 15 to 50 mm. ABEL SHAPED PACKAGING ELEMENTS – it's so easy to consciously save on surplus packaging material.


- as L- or U-sections
- almost any shape available
- different material thicknesses
- individual perforation
- different side lengths
- option of inner or
   outer surface self-adhesion